SIXR is delighted to announce the 7th Edition of our Cinematic VR Challenge!!!


To produce an immersive experimental reality piece in 48 hours, resulting in an presentation to the whole community at the end of the event.

Come create a virtual reality experience with us! Come alone or with friends. We welcome all current and future directors, choreographers, actors, programmers, artists, musicians, sound designers, students, and people just trying to have fun.


In 48 hours, we will be experimenting on ways to make an immersive piece that suspends the feeling of disbelief and gives audiences presence. Strangers and friends will split into multiple teams, and each team explores this new field to create 5 minutes worth of 360 and immersive film.

Challenge #7: The "Whoa" Effect

Ever since SIXR began and we have provided over 1,000 people their first immersive media experiences, the first thing people say, nearly universally, because it's such a reflexive exclamation, is WHOA! It is an authentic response, so true! What exactly successfully induces that? We're curious. It certainly seems like a gratifying stamp of success to elicit that effect from something you've made!

As always, our themes are meant to be inspirational food for thought, not a requirement of any kind. We like to make it clear: this is not a competition. The challenge is against the time constraint, not each other. The more we can learn together the stronger our collective force in collaboration. We are only interested in WIN-WIN-WIN situations, where everyone is included and valued, no matter what level of experience or area of expertise one is coming to this from.

Fantastic News! We get to return to MoCapNow!

We have arranged with MoCapNow to do some motion capture work that can be imported into our projects. If you have a character in mind, please contact us in advance, and we'll tell you what CJ needs from you to prep for your shoot. We will also be holding a pre-Challenge Best Practices Orientation (March 20, 2018), before the challenge so we can make the most of our time in the studio by prepping as much in advance as possible, and understanding what to expect and what will be expected of you, so please email us asap to indicate your interest in participating in our first SIXR "field trip"! Email & please put MoCapNow Field Trip in the subject line. An enormous thank you to CJ, Maren and Ander of Mocap Now

Our OG SIXR brother, David Feuillatre will be back and giving a presentation: "Virtual Reality - Journey from Cinema to VR", right before our potluck on Saturday evening.

We are still finalizing the program, further details to be released as soon as confirmed. We'll keep some things a surprise until the Friday evening commencement of creative jamming!

Volunteer Opportunity

We need dedicated volunteers, contact us if interested! Volunteers can participate in the challenge around their assigned shifts, but may not lead a team or propose a project. Besides all the fun you can have just being there, we will thank you with an SIXR alumni discoun to participate in a future CVRC. Volunteers are crucical to our ability to grow!

Any questions, please email or call: 206-571-8430

We look forward to experiment on realities together with you!!

Here's the signup sheet with available shifts:

Proposed Experiments

  • Discovering sound for VR with binaural microphone.
  • Trying to create “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response”, or ASMR with a VR experience.
  • Creating interactive eBook.
  • Your ideas are totally welcomed here!
The free ticket grants access to these time slots:
  • Meet and greet - sponsor introductions
  • Fast Forward - Community announcement.
  • Themes proposal.
  • Social Community time (BYOB & Potluck).
  • Demonstrations.

To get started, check out this FREE Cinematic VR Crash Course

  • Hands On Learning and Creatively Tell Compelling Story in VR
  • Learn How to Produce 360° (3D) Video Content Like the Pros
  • Given Enough Time and Practice, You'll Become a Virtual Reality Expert!

Cardboard Heart Images Heart Heart Video Heart Heart Music

We want to see what creativity and influence you can put out into the world using Virtual Reality as a medium. Virtual Reality renaissance is here, but there are no set standard operating procedures in this unexplored frontier. Be a part of finding out how Virtual Reality is used to create visual and audio narratives!

If you're new to VR, don't feel intimidated! None of us has harnessed the full potential of this medium yet and we want to collectively share ideas/experiences. Come with your ideas, your skills, and your hard work. This event is as much about meeting new friends as it is about creating something awesome together!

Cinematic VR Challenge Projects


Bring your imagination and bounce your ideas with these experts and passionate mentors during the event.

We are happy to help you materialize your VR/AR/360 dream.


Event schedule

Rules of conduct:

  • Treat shooting locations and event spaces with the utmost respect.
  • Aside from personal challenges, we will all be moving, cleaning, and helping each other.
  • Respect each other!!! (If someone is making you feel uncomfortable, reach out to an organizer. We care.)
  • We strive to create a safe environment, but we are not responsible for your personal belongings.

Join Us! (This schedule is preliminary, and will be updated frequently, as we add more workshops and presentations.)



Failure to complete this step will prevent your attending the workshop. Please do this immediately after registering. Go here to fill out this Pacific Science Center Background Check Form.

NOTE: If you already did this for the last CVRC, you don't need to do it again; those are good for 6 months.

RE: Mocap Now Elective - If you are interested in utilizing motion capture for your project, you MUST pre-register with a form sent only to paid registrants of the CVRC, and attend a Pre-Event Best Practices Orientation on Tuesday, 6/19/18. This is NOT a separate event, and is only available to registered participants in the entire CVRC. The DEADLINE to register for CVRC with Mocap Now elective is Monday, 6/18/2018 @ 5PM. Then you will receive the instructions on how to prepare for the orientation.

Our DEADLINE for ticket sales to the CVRC without Mocap Now acccess, is Wednesday, 6/20/18 @ 5PM, so the PacSci Center has time to process the last minute background checks. Space is limited, so register today!

Doors open: appetizers, drinks, get to know your community. The simplest way to launch your VR career is to network with other VR enthusiasts.
Propose your ideas and concepts here
Meet your fellow teammates
Event begins: Community connections, Community shoutouts, Sponsors presentations
Let's begin!
Elective elements to add to your project including the field trip to MoCapNow (Must sign up separately, in advance, for the Motion Capture; details given upon registration to this event).
Morning stand-up while proposing a couple talk and presentation topics
Continue working on the projects
“Virtual Reality: Journey from Cinema to VR” by SIXR Alumni, BOD Member & Chief Mentor David F. Durand
Catered Dinner: There will be much food provided, so enjoy. Please let us know if you need to have special diet or alergy. (NOTE: No on-site cooking facilities.)
Mentor support available to finish projects. Stand-up while enjoying and proposing a couple talk and presentation topics
Continue working on projects, Mentors will be available
Finish submitting your demo.
Invite friends and family to enjoy the demonstrations

Location Walkthrough and Trailer Video

For best viewing experience in 360, please open the link for location walkthrough using the YouTube app in your mobile phone.

Pacific Science Center Building 4

Trailer Video

The simplest way to launch your VR Career

For this challenge we will have a 360 camera for each team and a HTC Vive to demo. Pro tools and studio recording system are available at select locations.

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Event Location

Pacific Science Center

Direction and parking locations will be provided once you register.
Get directions

Awesome Volunteers and Collaborators

Everything is awesome when you're part of a team and when we're living our dream.

Thank you for sticking together working side by side and transforming this event into a magical awesomeness!!


Disclosure: We will be documenting this event through photography/film and use the content to promote future cinematic VR events. If we're about to take a photo of you and you want to opt out, please let us know! We will respect your privacy and accommodate your needs!

Rules of conduct: - Treat shooting locations and event spaces with the utmost respect. - Aside from personal challenges, we will all be moving, cleaning, and helping each other. - Respect each other!!! (If someone is making you feel uncomfortable, reach out to an organizer. We care.) - We strive to create a safe environment, but we are not responsible for your personal belongings.


Is the registration for an individual or for a team
Prices are for individual participants.

How many VR Cameras will there be?
Few VR Cameras will be provided. People are also encouraged to bring their own camera

How much time will each group have to use the equipment?
In general teams will have 48 hours with the equipment.

Once teams have completed their videos, will others be able to view it on their phone or on a big screen?
During Sunday demonstration we will have one person in the VR headset, and simultaneously broadcast the experience on the big screen for everyone else to watch. After demonstrations, people will have the opportunity to jump into the different projects at will.

Is the location open over night?

Will there be food?
Yes! We will provide food. Alternatively, there are some restaurants nearby.

Direction and Parking:
Direction and parking locations will be provided once you join. (Using public transportation will safe time and money.) The venue is surrounded by free street parking. Pay attention to the signs of where you park.

Each team member of a project owns their own IP and collectively owns the final result of the project. They can then opt to license it to non project participants under a Creative Commons NC-SA-BY license, to empower others to share it with their friends, remix it, download it, whatever, as long as they're not making a commercial profit from your work.

Disabilities Assistance:
Contact We are glad to help.

Is Cinematic VR Really Virtual Reality?
You are welcome to form your own opinion after doing research and here's a good start: IS CINEMATIC VR REALLY VIRTUAL REALITY?

What is Northwest VR community?
Members of Northwest VR Community self organized building a flourishing VR ecosystem that support each other and define it organically. We are leading the VR renaissance, and we're not only riding the wave of change but also becoming the wave maker. There is one rule here: be awesome to each other!

This event is part of ongoing process leading toward SIXR (Simulated Immersive Experimental Realities) Cinematic VR Festival next year. This festival will feature curated contents from other parts of the world as well as locally.